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WhatsApp Messenger, for example, is one of smartphone applications, social media, has recently exploded in popularity. Many people, especially part-time university students, not only for daily communication but also to discuss their academic work, have started using this application. Thus, a part-time university student in Malaysia between the perceived high level of use of this application is mandatory. However, the intensity of small experiments Whatsapp Messenger and its impact on the academic performance of students at the University of the empirical approach is understood. The study on the issue from the perspective of students and university students in Malaysia to identify the impact on the performance of WhatsApp Messenger that seeks to investigate. To achieve this, a survey and face-to-face interviews were carried out. 86 students, 15 students participated in the survey and interviews. Students uses latest Status Quotes for Whatsapp. Studies have shown that WhatsApp effective flow of information and sharing ideas among students has increased. Despite making communication easier and faster, WhatsApp has also had a negative impact on the performance of these students. After studying some of the findings uncovered: they are being disturbed by incoming messages WhatsApp students have taken the time to study and a lot of concentration. This delay results in problems related to online activities, such as lack of concentration during lectures and academic preparation, to fulfill their function and distracts students from their personal study time table to follow the balance of student time management extinguishes, and students’ spelling and grammar on the sentence construction are also affected. Also, WhatsApp application was revealed some issues.

Some Disadvantages of Whatsapp Messenger

Increased adoption of smartphones in the world, users are looking for more advanced features and a fast and convenient way to interact and enjoy. WhatsApp users can get closer despite geographical distance and it plays an important role in enhancing social networks.

Children may also be affected. Children and those who frequently use such websites, social networking websites, such as the negative impact on the WhatsApps more likely to get lower marks in school. The changing of behavior is also noticed after the usage of the social media applications and the behavior was much negative. For children this site is very good regarding quotes for whatsapp status.

Other family members, friends, and others may know more. So it is, and we know about them and can give information. However, we also use this app with the best choice should be. After that, we want to share about what we can share with the world. I think it’s a good idea for them more knowledge and if they use WhatsApps. I have to say that nowadays society can share information about talked about. All the information that we should know about how we should think positive.

Also, WhatsApps society technology that we house, public place, university, and more desire to learn more about should use. We know that we can use to be very popular because everyone WhatsApps WhatsApps iPhone. Use on society WhatsApp, we can conclude that there is a lot of fun benefits and its costs. So, compared to the others choose the best application technology.

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